Great beaches along the Oeiras coastline

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Visiting Portugal without checking out its beaches is never going to feel like a complete experience. Here is a way to fix that if you are planning to pass near Belém or Sintra: located between Belém and Cascais, the municipality of Oeiras offers a long shoreline with plenty of options to choose from for a sunny day at the beach! The coast where the Tejo meets the Atlantic is also prepared with pathways and roads for pleasant walks by the sea or cycling trips, amazing viewpoints of the landscape, exercise and leisure areas.

Below are all of the spots you can find along Oeiras, some of them supervised and popular, others less known and without any facilities. A few of them are presented in more detail, for you to have an idea of the different kinds of places you can find on your visit around the parish. Choose well, and have a good trip!

Praia da Torre

This is a popular beach located near the São Julião da Barra fort. It is well known for the crowds of people it gathers on a sunny day! Around Praia da Torre there are plenty of bars, restaurants and esplanades around, and also the Passeio Marítimo de Oeiras, which extends for a few kilometers offering walkable and cyclabe paths with great sights!

Praia Velha

The highlight of Praia Velha and its surrounding area are the wonderful sights of the coast, the fishing boats and the seaside path under the trees. The sand is limited by a pontoon that ends on an artificial geiser, by the quiet shoreline. This beach is a good choice for having a more tranquil time, perfect for a quick escapade.

Praia do Dafundo

The long Praia do Dafundo spreads along the Passeio Marítimo de Algés. This is great choice for a stroll or a day of cycling by the shoreline. The beach itself has a quiet atmosphere, very calm waters, and usually there aren't many people around. The sights of the Tejo and its banks that you can get from this side of Oeiras are fantastic too!

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