Grotta della Poesia; The most beautiful natural pool in Apulia

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Natural pools always have their own kind of magic; the beauty and charm of these places can hardly be imitated artificially. The “Cave of Poetry” in the southern part of Apulia was listed among the 10 most beautiful natural pools in the world according to National Geographic. Surrounded by a beautiful and impressive rocky landscape and the clear blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, it surely guarantees an unforgettable swimming experience.

There is no better designer than nature

- Alexander McQueen

Grotta della Poesia
Grotta della Poesia
Strada Statale San Cataldo-Otranto, 73026 Roca Vecchia, Melendugno LE, Italien

Grotta della Poesia is located only a 30- minute drive from Lecce. The picture-perfect natural pool is part of the archeological site of Roca Vecchia. The access is completely free but the location is a bit hidden and not indicated on the streets; however it can be easily found with the help of the Google Maps.

If you want a calm and private swimming experience you should definitely go there before 10 am, since it tends to get rather crowed around noon. In fact, the cave is not only suitable for a peaceful swim in a magical and unique environment, but also it's ideal for the adrenaline junkies. The water of the pool is deep enough, allowing many daring water lovers to jump off the cliff straight into the crystal-clear waters! In the afternoon when there are more people, some brave jumps are even acknowledged by the crowd with an "impressed-level" applause.

Be aware that there are no sunbeds or direct access to a sandy beach while at Grotta della Poesia. Luckily, the area doesn't only have an amazing natural pool to offer but it is also very close to a wonderful beach scenery.

The wonderful beaches of Torre dell`Orso are only a 10minutes' drive away. This beach section is considered to be among the prettiest in Puglia and is famous for its white, sandy beaches, its clear water and the impressive rocks raising through the waters. There are also numerous of sunbeds, restaurants, day bars and even water sport activities.

A visit at the Grotta della Poesia is the perfect daytime activity for all the water and nature lovers and it can be perfectly combined with enjoying the rest of the wonderful beaches of Apulia.

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