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Grotta Palazzese - the most romantic restaurant in the world

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You have probably already seen this picture-perfect cave restaurant on Pinterest or Instagram whose location almost seems unreal. It is truly jaw-dropping beautiful and possibly one of the most spectacular restaurants worldwide. It is believed that the place already existed in 1700 and served dinners and banquets for the local nobility.

The famous cave restaurant is located in a small city called Polignano a Mare. When you decide to eat there, you should definitely plan a whole day to also be able to enjoy the white washed narrow streets of the historical center in Polignano. It is worth visiting since it offers multiple and great view points to oversee the houses built on the coastline and the small, but stunningly pretty, beach of the city.

Polignano a Mare
Polignano a Mare
70044 Polignano A Mare BA, Italie

Tucked away in a limestone cave with dimmed lights and mystic flair, you have the perfect view of the clear blue water of the Adriatic Sea, while soaking up the unique atmosphere of this restaurant.

In order to be able to enjoy the unique flair of the restaurant you can either select a two - or three course "Menu a la Carte" or one of the fixed menus with five to seven courses including a great selection of local wines. Either way having dinner or lunch would cost you around 150 € per person. The dishes offer a varied mix between Italian cuisine, seafood and fish and of course vegetarian options. The compositions are carefully selected and the quality of the courses align with the breathtaking view.

The cave restaurant is usually open from the 21st of March- until the 15th of November but it always depends on the season's weather. Since Puglia has a generally good climate all year round, you will definitely find a suitable date.

It is always recommended to book a table in advance, you can decide between lunch and dinner time. During the main season (1st of June – 15th of September) tables can only be reserved for two hours. The best time to reserve your table is around dusk so you still have the great view of the sea, but you can also enjoy the mystic atmosphere while it is getting dark.

The restaurant does not have a strict dress code but it requires appropriate clothing, while shorts and flip- flops are not permitted. Since the place itself is magical, and the waiters treat you in a royal way, you will probably also feel the need to wear something a little bit more elegant.

Because of its non central location, the restaurant offers a free luxurious shuttle service for its guests from a parking space, the indications for which are being sent along with the booking confirmation.

A visit at Grotta Palazzese is definitely an once-in-a-lifetime experience and the perfect place to celebrate anniversaries, a sophisticated birthday dinner or even to propose to your loved ones.

Ristorante Hotel Grotta Palazzese
Ristorante Hotel Grotta Palazzese
Via Narciso 59, 70044 Polignano a Mare

Where to Stay nearby

,There's plenty of ritzy accommodations in Polignano a Mare, but for the best ones on an affordable budget, I highly recommend Dimora Le Grottaglie which has a convenient location not just to the restaurant but also for the town. Another comfortable and cosy abode is  Dimora Dioniso, where you can enjoy views of the tranquil sea from your own sunny terrace. If you're looking for a spot that fits the whole romantic vibe of the restaurant and stay, be sure to check out  Dimora Valmar, which is also situated in the heart of Polignano a Mare.

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Sandra Marx

My name is Sandra and I grew up in Austria. I started a Bed and Breakfast in Puglia, Italy, with my partner. I will tell you about all my favorite places and I hope that this wonderful region will fascinate you.

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