Guide of incredible beaches in Sintra

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This is a comprehensive list of the amazing beaches in the parish of Sintra, located north of the Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of continental Portugal and Europe. There are options for everyone: watersports addicts, fishing enthusiasts, naturist or regular bathers. You will find small enclosed spots and wide open sand strips, hidden beauties hard to access, and popular tourist must-sees. Some of these are worth a peek even outside the summer period, for the amazing sights of the atlantic coastline and less crowded sands. So dig in, mark your favourites and vamos à praia!

The Classics

These are the beaches everyone knows, which means they will tend to be the most crowded, but also that you're more likely to find supervision, facilities and towns close by.

a suggestion: Praia do Magoito

Near the town of Magoito sits this fantastic beach that, besides offering all you could ask for - great waters, a wide sandstrip and great sights of the coastal cliffs and sea - also takes care of your health! The area is rich in iodine, so you have a good excuse for staying the entire day. This is one of the most popular beaches of Sintra in the summer time, so it can be a bit crowded, but don't let that stop you from passing by!

The hidden wonders

The secret spots of amazing sights, the peaceful gems of nature or simply the naturist beaches. These are usually isolated and harder to get to but always worth the extra effort.

a suggestion: Praia da Samarra

If big popular sandstrips don't do much for you, and you would rather have a great time surrounded by the seaside and coastal nature, this is the perfect place to go. Praia da Samarra is an untouched beach, a small paradise with a peaceful, private and care-free atmosphere. The shoreline is sided by rocky cliffs that offer pool-like waters, and the views are amazing. Just be prepared for a steep trail down the rocks, and then enjoy!

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