Heaven on Earth: Amasra!

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Amasra or formerly known as Amastris is a cute Black Sea port town in Turkey. With its breathtaking nature, amazing beaches and rich history, Amasra is a popular tourist attraction point. The citys history dated back 3000 years ago and back at that time, Amasra was known with several names such as Sesamos, Amastris, Samastro. It was also capital of many civilizations! Before Christ, the city was ruled by Queen Amastris for 16 years and during her reign, she built so many temples, agoras and an acropolis, she made the city glorious. In year 70 BC, the city was ruled by Roman Empire and during that time, they built theatres, temples and palaces which gave a modern look to the city. Not even mentioning the Ottoman Empire era, Amasra always had a great port and trade center in every century. And today, Amasra, is an ancient city with magnificent nature and cultural heritance. It is definitely worth visiting!

The whole city looks a bit like Croatia and definitely one of my favourite place to live or visit. If you want to enjoy the sea, I would recommend you to visit this magnificent city on summer, since the Black Sea is so cold, you can only enjoy it during the summer time.

Direkli Kaya is an ancient lighthouse where also has an ancient marble swimming pool that is believed that Persian Princess Amastris swimmed. It is 7 meter high and a great diving spot for everyone! It was constructed for the city port and today, it is one of the best spots of Amasra!

Kemere Bridge is an ancient Roman bridge which connects Boztepe island to mainland of Amasra. The bridge was constructed in the 9th century and is a one-arch bridge. You can also get the best view of the city from here! Trust me, the color of the sea looks amazing from here. For me, this place is literally heaven on earth!

Cekiciler Carsisi is a market/bazaar of Amasra where you can buy souvenirs, hand-made local gifts, eat traditional food (Amasra salad, fish and yoghurt dessert), buy fresh fruits and home made jams! If you are into seafood, you can also get grilled crab or delicious stuffed mussels as a snack from here as well.

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Alara Benlier

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