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Enter in another world...

It’s 6.30 pm and the night is here now. I didn’t eat much for lunch as I was riding on the mountain all day. I’m hungry. But I don’t want to pig out at some random food. I want a nice meal, something to feed my stomach and my soul. It’s not December anymore so I’m a bit bored of the “classics”: tartiflette, raclette & co are gorgeous, pizzas & burgers are delicious, but I would like something different. What about some ramen?

That’s a dish I wanted to try for a long time here but I knew that it was huge so I waited for a hungry time Well, that’s now!

Only a minute away from the Mairie de Morzine I find the Hideout Hostel. It’s not my first time here. I came earlier in the season when I was desespaeratly looking for Asian food.

The atmosphere is still amazing. It’s a hostel and you can feel it. It’s relaxing, warmth, with large table easy people chatting and laughing. Beanies, smiles and good vibes welcome you.

A large bowl – is it still a bowl? – arrives in front of me, steaming. Tonkotsu Ramen. The Chasu pork shoulder is to kill for, the slow cooked egg melts in my mouth, the pork really tastes like smoke and I don’t even talk about the vegetables and the noodles! The mix is simply delicious. I tried but even if it’s really tasty, I had to ask my flatmate’s help to finish it.

I love Hide Out. It feels like home and the food is from another world. There is only one problem… It opens only at 5.30pm, which is really annoying for people working evenings shift like me! I wish the doors were opened earlier to enjoy a tea and a piece of cake. I would be there every day. So be careful if you step in: you may not want to go anywhere else! :P

That’s where I leave you. Looking at a beautiful plate. Eating amazing fusion food. Feeling the meal and the atmosphere warming your spirit, soul and body.

Breathe as much air as you can.


... Practical Corner

Fun fact about Hide Out... The chef is called Chiefy! And he received the Morzine Source Award for Excellence in the "Best Food" category. He also has his company - Guerrilla Dining - if you want to taste his talents when Hide Out is closed ;)

Summer and winter are really different in the Alps, so is Hide Out's menu of the day ;)

It's really easy to reach the place: it's only 1 minute walk from the Mairie of Morzine!

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