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Hiking in Riga

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Travel Tips For Vidzeme

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Explore River Loja in Murjani

As summer is slowly but surely coming to an end, there are less and less opportunities to spend your precious yet scarce leisure time outdoors, while enjoying some fresh air and beautiful nature. That is why now is the perfect moment you put your phone down, close your laptop, turn off the TV, get up off the sofa and prepare yourself for a memorable adventure. Today, I am taking you to a fairy tale like place, an untouched, beautiful natural gem you will remember for years and years to follow. It is a place that will definitely steal your heart and take your breath away. Allow me to present to you the River Loja in Murjani, Latvia, as hiking in Latvia is the top thing you must do before the winter season (and well, in life in general). Are you ready and on board yet?

River Loja in Murjani
River Loja in Murjani
Murjāņi, Sej county, Летонија

If you are like me, a person who, prior to the travel and work visit, did not know much about Riga, the beautiful capital and glorious Baltic city, then here are some things I have learned from my short yet sweet visit: Latvian people are extremely hospitable, the cuisine is extraordinary and decadent while the natural areas have an uncanny resemblance to the setting of the Lord of the Rings movie. I know this might be a hyperbolic comparison and a huge compliment, but nature in Riga deserves it. You may disagree about many things, but you get the point, Latvia should be very famous for its natural beauty. One of many treasures of Riga are its rivers, as hiking around the Latvian rivers allows you a firsthand visit to lovely forests, rugged rock formations, interesting flora and fauna and much more. Trust me, it will immediately convince you that there is nothing better than recreation in the fresh air. The rivers of Riga offer a space for memorable adventures.

One of those is most certainly the River Loja in Murjani, a 40 minute car drive from the center of Riga. Do not get worried as you see how you are leaving the city crowd and all the civilization with it behind. Simply turn the music up, take a deep breath and prepare yourself for a beautiful yet tiring hike. Interestingly enough, the River Loja is also known as Klinšupīte, meaning the river of cliffs in Latvian. Trust me, from the beginning of your hiking adventure, you will see why this is the case. Nevertheless, I would strongly recommend, regardless of your potential fear of height or clumsiness, to really stop for a moment or two, and simply enjoy the most magnificent views.

Finally, hiking in Riga is perfect for all the adventurous types who are walking fans and nature lovers, individuals who admire rare species of plants, birds, insects, and mushrooms, but also somebody like me, who is not at all a sporty type but appreciates the fairytale-like adventure.

Pictures@Credits to Roman Babakin

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Lejla Dizdarevic

Lejla Dizdarevic

I am Lejla, from Serbia, passionate about writing, radio and theatre. I would love to show you the hidden gems of my beloved Balkan countries.

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