Hiking Mt Olympus; the peak of the Greek Mythology

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The Greek Adventure Project

As mentioned previously, a well-established and active in the e-tourism partners of ours is now the “Greek Adventure” association based in Greece and they’re ready to help us introduce and present alternative excursions and extreme activities in Greece!

Greek Adventure
Greek Adventure
Greek Adventure - Rafting Base (Grevena), Feli, Grevena 511 00, Greece

Hiking Mt Olympus!

When you’re thinking about the most iconic mountains of the world, I’m pretty sure that the Mt Olympus, located in Greece, has a spot in your list! Not only is it a geographically impressive peak, rising straight from the Aegean Sea to a height of 2,917 m, but it’s also one of great mythological importance. The gods were said to come together on the highest summit, Mytikas,where they could actually determine the fate of the mortals they ruled. Today, an estimated 10,000 people climb the peak annually, though far fewer attain the ultimate summit of Mytikas.

At 263 km from Athens and 78 from Thessaloniki the area is ideal for the lovers of alternative activities, ranging from trekking to paragliding, canyoning, rafting, climbing, mountain-biking and jeep safari. But you don’t have to go extreme to have your personal Olympian moments. Mountaineering on Olympus is not only a divine experience but also an option covering all levels of difficulty and stamina.

Olympus Mountain
Olympus Mountain
Olympus, Litochoro 402 00, Greece
Olympus is not a technically difficult mountain to summit. However due to its proximity to the sea, weather conditions can be really tricky so you have to check in advance.
Mount Olympus National Park
Mount Olympus National Park
Mount Olympus National Park, Grèce

There are four refuges on the east side of the mountain. Each refuge costs €12.00 for a bed, and serves hot food and beverages for pretty reasonable prices.

Olympus is covered in various rocky peaks, but the most famous are Skolio, Mytikas and Stefani. Skolio is the easiest to ascend, Mytikas is harder and is the highest point, and Stefani is in between the two in terms of difficulty and elevation. Skolio is the goal for casual hikers, and Mytikas for more skilled mountaineers.

Which trail should I follow? Are there any suggested routes for a hiking experience on Mt Olympus?

As mentioned, there are a lot of trails and of course a lot of routes that you can actually follow depending always on your expectations and on the level of difficulties that you’re willing to face. However, our greek partners suggest an one-day route that will give you a well-deserved glance of the Olympus mountain!

Route; Prionia – Old Monastery of Agios Dionisios – Holy Cave - Mills- Litochoro

The route from Prionia to the Old monastery of Agios Dionisios crosses parallelly the steam of Enipeas, through a picturesque landscape of dense forests and wooden bridges. On the way you’ encounter with the waterfalls of Enipeas, where natural swimming pools can be found, among a beautiful pine tree forest. Take some time to enjoy the beauty of the nature at this part, have a swim, get some rest and continue!

Later on, you’ll reach the Monastery of Agios Dionisios, a monument of the second World War. Two hours later you’ll arrive at the cave of Agios Dionysios, a hermitage where the saint himself use to live. The hiking experience finishes upon your arrival at the Mills of Litochoro that guarantee you incredible views!

The walk takes about 5.00’ to 6.00' hours and it is classified as a medium-difficulty route!

Recommended Gear List:

* Sports or trekking shoes * Shorts and long trousers for walking, preferably quick-drying material (cotton or polycotton not denim) * Sunglasses, towel, sun hat or cap, sun block * Water bottle * Photographers: bring your cameras *Walking sticks

Excited yet? Mount Olympus is a great peak to climb! Enjoy, have fun, and don’t forget to bring an offering to the gods!

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