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It's time again to introduce you to another completely underrated and underappreciated small city in the UK. Nottingham is a relatively diminutive city, with only 300,000 people living here, but it truly has a metropolitan feel, and also shows some fantastic architecture and history as well.

A Medieval Past...

Nottingham is packed with history, and the picture above shows the caves, castles and old buildings that Nottingham is built on. These caves can be best explored at the City of Caves exhibit in the Broadmarsh shopping centre. There are more than 500 routes that run through the hills in the area and under the city. There is even one of the oldest pubs in the UK here, with the 'Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem' having opened in around 1190 AD, although the current oldest structure there has been dates to the 1650's.

Of course the city is also known as one of the most significant areas in terms of the Robin Hood legend, and a statue of Robin Hood stands just outside of Nottingham Castle to remind visitors.

Open squares like Europe!

On top of all the historical interest, Nottingham also has a beautiful open square with a fountain in the centre. The square is known as Old Market Square, and includes the powerful Nottingham Council House. Legends say that it was in the communal gathering area that Robin Hood won a silver arrow from the king! The city is well worth a visit, and is close to Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.

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