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Hometown of Pied Piper: Hamelin!

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Just 50 km away from Hanover, Hamelin is the stage of the famous Pied Piper story about the man who expelled rats from the town by playing the pipe, but then abducted the town's children when the citizenry refused to pay him what was initially agreed. Charming, huh? Hamelin is covered with the most romantic 16th-century half-timbered houses with lavish ornaments which makes it perfect for photography! This gorgeous city is visited by 2-3 million visitors each year and can be reached from Hanover Airport or by train within Europe. It is also very close to Paderborn! You can also explore the city on foot! So if you want to check out this fairytale city, grab your camera and enjoy your guide on itinari!

The first stop should be, of course, The Pied Piper's House! This beautiful building with stone façade is jeweled by lots of sculpted ornaments. The building is the beautiful example of the architectural style of the Weser Renaissance! It is located in the middle of the city center and one of the biggest Renaissance house in Hamelin! Inside this amazing building, you can also dine with the best quality delicious meals! After having the best lunch or dinner, you can get mesmerized by the gorgeous city center of Hamelin.

The Pied Piper's House
The Pied Piper's House
Osterstraße 28, 31785 Hameln, Almanya

And of course the Hamelin Museum! If you want to check out the story of the city of Hamelin, you have to check out this museum. Inside here, there is also a unique mechanical theater that shows the Pied Piper in action with a sound-and-light show that lasts 12 minutes! This museum is also a neighboring two historic buildings; Renaissance-style sandstone Leisthaus and half-timbered Stiftsherrenhaus!

Museum Hameln
Museum Hameln
Osterstraße 8-9, 31785 Hameln, Germany

Before you leave, don't forget to listen the song of Pied Piper from the Glockenspiel!

If you want to visit Hamelin, find your inspiration on itinari now!

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