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Horse riding in Azerbaijan- the best sport activity

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Some people argue that the horse riding is not actually a sport , it is just a hobby. However, it's one of the oldest sports in Azerbaijan. Horse riding is not only the perfect mechanics of the movements of a single organism - a horse and rider, but also a great physical load, and moral responsibility. Horse riding will replace full exercise in the gym, while from it you will get not only physical health, but a lot of positive emotions. Once you are in horse centre , you will certainly be fascinated by these graceful animals.

Azerbaijan Horses-national wealth

Azerbaijan horses were cultivated in ancient times in different regions of Azerbaijan - Garabagh, Guba, Baku, Gazakh, and others .In the territory of Azerbaijan in the Alikomektepe were found tired horse bones belonging to the first half of the 4th millennium. Two of the 260 species of horses grown in the world - Garabagh and Dilbaz horses have emerged in Azerbaijan as a result of the national selection and belong to the Azerbaijan people. If you visit Azerbaijan you should definitely see these incredible animals and enjoy horse riding. Today we have a Bina Equestrian Center, Polad Polo Club, Elite Equestrian and Polo Club, Equestrian sports Club (ESP), Republican Specialized Children's and Youth Sports School for Equestrian and Contemporary Beekeeping, Murad, Gunay, Omar, Arzu, Gilan and Kovser Equestrian Sports Clubs . All of clubs are located in different districts of Baku.

Elite Equestrian and Polo Club

"Elite Equestrian and Polo Club" offers all the opportunities for equestrian fans to engage in this sport. The Elite Equestrian and Polo Club is the most suitable place for those who want to be professional in any type of horse breeding and those who choose this sport as a hobby. Professional coaches carry out all training in the club and the horses used in the training are specially prepared.Along with international tournaments, picnic and recreational areas have been built in the complex. Elite is located in Mardakan Highway, not far from the Heydar Aliyev İnternational Airport. The club has a total of 25 horses and 8 ponies. 7 of them are sports horses.

The center is located in a very pleasant, spacious and well-maintained area. There are also a large number of horses and small ponies. Feeding them will be a great opportunity for your children. There is also a possibility for children to ride the pony. However, since at weekends there are a lot of school trips and tourists, you will have to wait for a pony ride quite long. The centre also has a large children's playground. Swings, slippers, sand and grass - what can be better for children? If you are hungry, you can enjoy outdoor restaurant here or bring your meal and use picnic tables. Access to the centre, children's playground and horses are free. There is also an opportunity to take equestrian classes for children. P.S. Do not forget to take carrots and apples for horses when you visit them . I hope you will enjoy your horse riding-the best sports activity in Azerbaijan.

Elite Horse Club
Elite Horse Club
Mərdəkan yolu, Bakı, Azerbaijan

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