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I must tell you a not-that-well-kept secret: I'm not a huge fan of coffee… Actually, it's even worse: I don't drink coffee at all! But I'm fond of hot chocolate.

So it's not a surprise if I tell you that I tried some this month. Let me tell you about the hot chocolate tour around Morzine

Satellite Coffee – Bitter Pleasure


A quick glance at the window will tell you most of what you need to know about the place: cosy, tidy, hisper-y.

Satellite Coffee is a place where you can go to plod on new schemes and ideas… Bring your big glasses, your MacBook, and your beanie, sit at the window, and work hard on a revolutionary or trendy project with a friend.

The smoking cup next to you is not a greedy's one. It tastes the hard–work, it tastes the truth.

It's real cocoa and you can feel it. It's not that super sweet industrial powder, it's bitter: like it or leave it! Well… You could add raw sugar... Or if you're really not a fan of bitterness, have a tea instead.

Beanies – Greedy Break


Looking for warmth and comfort? Somewhere you go to meet friends and have a chat all day long even with a dog? Smile and fun behind the bar, good vibes in the afternoon as in the evening, and an English-speaking environment… Welcome to Beanies!

Their hot chocolates are like them: large, generous and sweet. It may be a bit too sugary for me but the fresh cream on the top and the friendly atmosphere make it a lovely place to have a break!

And if you're running late, no worries, they serve beers and cocktails in the evening ;)

Le Coup de Coeur – Gorgeous Thickness


The first sight is probably not the best you've ever seen. A small chaos sits at the entrance but it shouldn't stop you from staring inside. Once you've done that you're good: impossible to not fall for the wood & red wall filled with gorgeous red wine bottles.

Enter into a warm atmosphere and be welcomed by French staff. Then find a nice table. It's not always easy as it can be quite busy. But it's worth the pain: the hot chocolate is incredible!

I love their way to make it. Thick, creamy, rich,… Call it how you want, it's wonderful. And it comes with a plate of sweets… Nicely done Coup de Coeur!

That's where I leave you. Listen to your heart. Define your mood. Pick the best place. Drink quietly.

Breathe the flavored air.


... Practical Corner

Morzine and the Portes du Soleil have a lot to offer: hikes & walks, restaurants & snacks, bars & night clubs,... Hidden gems, well-known places, small tips and big secrets: follow me discovering my new home for the winter...

There is a lot of places where you can have hot chocolates in Morzine, those are only the one I tried and liked. I'm hoping to discover more and tell you all about it!

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Eileen Robinson

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