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Inspired by Zlata’s “How to instagram Ohrid” and by Elda’s “How to instagram Tirana”, I also decided to share with you a few tips on how to instagram Greece’s most beautiful (and obviously & subjectively my favorite) city, Thessaloniki.

Known as the Nymph of the North, Thessaloniki offers a variety of spots that shouldn’t be missed while instagramming. As a big fan of instagram myself, I’ve gathered some of the city’s landmarks and picturesque neighbourhoods. Below you’ll find a list of those places that would probably give “that characteristic greek touch” to your instagram photos. Let’s start!

The city’s landmark; the white tower

It is a monument and museum on the waterfront of the city of Thessaloniki. The present tower replaced an old Byzantine fortification, known to have been mentioned around the 12th century.

Visit the White Tower – Leukos Pyrgos
Visit the White Tower – Leukos Pyrgos
Thessaloniki 546 21

Instagram +++ It’s just a must take shot. The tower is in front of the sea, it’s quite high, it's Thessaloniki’s main landmark, from its top you can take amazing panoramic pictures of the whole city, the views are spectacular, while the blue of the sky & the sea contradicts its grey color. Inspired yet?

The umbrellas

The Umbrellas Sculpture stands near the Macedonia Palace Hotel and delights the many tourists passing by. The sculpture was set in 1997 when Thessaloniki was the cultural capital of Europe.

The umbrellas, Thessaloniki
The umbrellas, Thessaloniki
6 Alexandrou Ave., Thessaloniki 546 41

Instagram +++ Adding to its beauty, during the day the sky's and the sea's colors are being reflected by the umbrellas, whilst at night they are illuminated and they appear just as gorgeous.

The view from the top- the upper city shot

Ano Poli (also known as the Old Town and literally translated as the Upper Town) is a heritage listed district, situated at the north part of Thessaloniki's city center. Ano Poli is the highest part of Thessaloniki and as such, it is the city's "acropolis". Heptapyrgion is a majestic castle, situated at the highest part of the city.

Kastra- Ano poli
Kastra- Ano poli
Ano Poli, Thessaloniki 546 33, Greece
Eptapyrgio Fortress in Thessaloniki
Eptapyrgio Fortress in Thessaloniki
Rep. Tzachila 7, Thessaloniki 546 34, Greece

Instagram +++ Alright. There’s a castle, the whole area is Unesco’s heritage, its the highest part of the city, there are small cobblestoned traditional streets and taverns with greek specialties and incredible views. You think it’s not enough?

The port’s warehouses

The buildings have been modified to be used as venues for the International Film Festival and to host the Cinema Museum and the Photography Museum. Just pass by and if you’re lucky enough there will be some really interesting photo-or art exhibition.

The port’s warehouses – Thessaloniki Museum of Photography
The port’s warehouses – Thessaloniki Museum of Photography
Warehouse A, Port of Thessaloniki, Warehouse A ', Port of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki 540 15

Instagram +++ Totally a hipster background; small wooden buildings hosting photo exhibitions. People drinking & chilling outside in colourful benches. Incredible view of the sea and the city’s lights during the night.

The "being local" breakfast shot

All you need is “cafe frappe”, (of course cold and specifically with a lot of ice in it, #greekstyle ) and a local bougatsa. Grab a Bougatsa (pastry-like breakfast) & choose your filling; sweet custard cream, feta cheese, spinach, minced meat or even NUTELLA. Have a seat somewhere next to Thermaikos gulf and enjoy your local breakfast!

Instagram +++ Mpougatsa & frappes is just one of Thessaloniki’s CLASSICS. Congratulations you’re being a local.

Do not forget to tag #thessaloniki, #salonica and of course #skg which is our airport’s acronym but for some reason we love tagging it in all of our pictures (still unknown why) .


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