In the footsteps of Vincent Van Gogh across the Borinage

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Vincent Van Gogh is a Dutch post-impressionist painter. Although fairly unknown during his lifetime, History remembers him today as one of the major figures in western Art. When he arrived in the Borinage, he was tasked as a preacher to evangelize the working class; it is there, however, that he decided to abandon his life as a preacher and become painter, in the years 1878 - 80. In this coal-mining region located at the south of Belgium, he experienced the hard living conditions of workers, local peasants and farmers. This was going to set the basis for the work he would do later and the legacy he would leave us.

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Nicolas Casula

Nicolas Casula

I got the travel virus when taking a 5-months travel break a few years ago. I believe that every place, every area is worth unveiling. Beauty lies everywhere.

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