Exceptional COVID-19 safety measures

Exceptional COVID-19 safety measures


Exceptional COVID-19 safety measures

At itinari, guaranteeing the safety and good health of our customers and employees (guides, editors, team, etc.) is a top priority. So, in accordance with the European Government regulations, the itinari guides have been trained and are regularly up to date with the local regulations and government decisions in terms of safety measures, such as:

  • Social distancing
  • Wearing masks in any places where social distancing is not feasible
  • Wearing gloves when necessary

These measures are not mandatory but good practices and encouraged ... unless stated otherwise by the government.

Aiming at ensuring that both you and your guide can enjoy a safe and memorable Live Story experience, we put in place the following measures:

Temperature check and general well being:

We strongly encourage you and your guide to cancel your experience in case you feel sick, unwell or have a fever.

No last minute surprise!

Note that your Guide is required to test himself on the day prior to the experience, and before coming to the rendez-vous point. So you'll be notified in case of any sign of potential illness (and potentially offered to spend the day with an alternate guide, if available).

Hand sanitation*

Guides and Guests are asked to sanitize their hands before meeting each other, and everytime it feels needed during the day (your guide may notify you when he feels it is necessary). If you forgot your own hand sanitizer, your guide will be able to provide you with one small bottle.

Face mask*

As you will be interacting with your Guide - and potentially locals - all along the day, you might be required to wear a face mask for the whole duration of the experience or for parts of it. As per regulation requirements, note that you should also try to avoid touching it once worn. Should it get dirty or damaged, your guide can provide you with a free new one. Note that one non-reusable face mask should not be used for longer than 3 hours.

Plastic gloves

Individual usage of plastic gloves is up to any participants personal preference. And is hence not mandatory. Should the experience require lots of manual interactions with your Guide, we strongly advise you to wear gloves at those times.

* guests are advised to bring their own face masks, hand sanitizer and gloves. Should they have forgotten them or need some more, the guide can provide them with some extras.

Please protect the environment

When replaced, or when your experience is over, please dispose of any used masks or gloves in the nearest trash bin.