Insane gingrerbread city inside Bergen!

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I have an impressive treat for you in Bergen. It's a city. Not Bergen city. It's a city inside of Bergen made of Gingerbread. I'm still wrestling my thoughts if this is a visual or tasteful treat. You can choose to go to this gingerbread city since it's the biggest in recorded history! The name of the city is ''Pepperkakebyen'', which simply means ''Gingerbread city'' in Norwegian.

Gingerbread city Bergen
Gingerbread city Bergen
Teatergaten 37, 5010 Bergen, Norge

What you can find here

The gingerbread houses that you find here are made by the local people of Bergen. Children and disabled people are in focus and very much advertised when it comes to the houses that you see in this irresistible city. You can find a football stadium, hospital, police station, city square, railroad, and gingerbread people like that character from Shrek.

Anti-gingerbread objects

There's also a slide inside here for the kids. It's more or less random entertainment for kids who want a little physical thrill so that they don't exercise their energy on the gingerbread houses.

What I think is cool is when kids are looking at the city and the elements inside and then create characters and stories of them. I saw one kid pretended to be the mayor of the city and suggested that the whole city budget should be used on a big roller coaster park. Pretty smart kid. Another fun thing about Norway is when kids from the north of Norway with a North Norwegian dialect plays a character, they talk in the Oslo dialect. This phenomenon has existed for as long as I remember.

Anti-Gingerbread people attacked the city!

In 2009, there was a quake in this city. Not an earthquake like the Skopje earthquake. Somebody purposely destroyed this magical city. The Bergen police officially stated that it was crushed by retarded losers. Zlata, our fellow editor says it was done by someone on a diet. After the tragedy, the citizens of Pepperkakebyen gave an extensive focus to rebuild the city.

The Gingerbread shop!

Look for the gingerbread shop when you come here. You can find a lot of weird eatable treats in so many different shapes and forms right next to the city itself.

Make your own gingerbread house if you want to

By now you are probably inspired to make your own version. You might be thinking ''I can do way better than this''. That's why I will provide a video on how to make a gingerbread house.

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