Cover picture © Credits to MrAlbalover
Cover picture © Credits to MrAlbalover

International Visual Arts Exhibition "Onufri" - in Tirana

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Art is subjective, thus what we perceive is never wrong. And that's why I have a great attachment with what Art gives me and I believe I am not the only one who thinks this way. On a bigger scale, people find comfort when art manifests their lives, it makes them feel understood even though they never had a connection with the creator. And personally talking, I think that these little things, these moments of being understood are what makes us closer with life and sometimes may give you a whole new perspective.

Picture © Credits to Calixto Ramirez

The National Art Gallery of Albania officially opened the 23rd edition of The International Visual Arts Exhibition "Onufri". This exhibition will stay open for everyone interested a whole month, starting from December 20 until January 30.

"AU FIL DU TEMPS- Collective Remembrance, Personal Remembrance". That's how this exhibition is named and it will feature 10 artists from 6 different countries who will be sharing their works with the public. Starting a research with the purpose of being actual and international in the same time, the Curator of this exhibition wanted to find the common among the works of albanian artists-because that's where he began, and he ended up to the conclusion that the common was: History.

History equals Time and that's what this exhibition is all about... and  "Time"  is the central element by which the curator tries to find some answers. How do we distinguish the Collective from the Personal? How many Collective Memories does each of us have? Where do they come from? Does it exist a connection between the Personal and History?

The curator and artists seem to be tormented by these questions and aim to make others think about this topic too. If you are in Tirana during these days, don't miss this event because it will be worth it.

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