Island of Love on Mura River

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River Mura is the symbol and some consider it also the soul of Prekmurje region. With its many meanders, river branches and bays it truly is something for the lovers of nature. In the village of Ižakovci the river formed a natural island which was named by the locals the Island of Love. Where does the name come from? It definitely shows their love for the nature in this area that really is romantic. Even the countess of Beltinci, Marija Zichy, expressed her love towards the island and supposedly stated that you just have to fall in love with it. Others say it is just the place where she was secretly meeting with her lover. Who knows…

The Floating mill

There used to be many floating mills on the river Mura in the past. Not being attached to the riverbank they would adapt to varying levels of the stream in order to get the optimal milling conditions. Nowadays two such mills at the river Mura are preserved, but they are not entirely floating, they are rather located on the riverbank. One mill is located at the Island of Love in Ižakovci and is made entirely of wood. There is also a ferry that can take you to the other side of the river and is in fact moving with the help of the water current.

An exciting event is happening in the end of August and is called The Days of Büjraši where locals present us with old traditions. There you can find out how the riverbanks of the Mura River used to be consolidated, which can also be seen on the permanent exhibition in the Riverbank House.

After a nice walk in the nature or maybe exciting cycling tour there is nothing better than having a Büjraš snack - a piece of bread that you toast over an open fire and then put on some garlic and “zaseka” (a type of pork fat). Together with some home-made schnapps this can be called pure heaven.

Whether you want to enjoy just a nice walk through the forests and along the riverbanks or you want to have more active vacations with cycling and rafting on the Mura River, this bewildering nature will make you forget everything else. Not to mention the culinary delights that you will love for sure. I guess this island makes it to your wish list of places to visit in Slovenia.

Island of Love, Slovenia
Island of Love, Slovenia

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