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Jermuk: a city-sanatorium

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It is a well known, small but an important city-sanatorium located in Armenia. It’s one of the main touristic destinations. Here, in this unique flora and fauna, you will find everything that is needed to relax and restore your health, to take care of your body, to calm your brain and to heal your soul. Congratulations, you are in Jermuk.

credits to IgorDymov

The city is located in the southeastern part of Armenia, around 170 km from the capital Yerevan, and at 2000 m above the sea level. From three sides, the city is surrounded by the forests and hills with the height of 2500-3000 meters. Jermuk is also known for its waterfall, 84 m high. To me, it looks like a bunch of silver ribbons hanging from the rock. The water of the waterfall flows into the river Arpa. The river flows through the city dividing it into two parts. There are three types of fishes in it. That’s why, from time to time, you will notice people fishing by the river.

credits to Aramyan

Armenians do their best to travel to this city-sanatorium for a couple of days, at least once a year. The air here is fresh, and nature is pure. The climate is mountainous. Summers are calm, and there is almost always a cooling wind outside. Winters are long but not too cold (btw-with looooots of snow). Jermuk has a rope-way as well, which makes the skiing easier, and just in a couple of minutes you are already on top of the hill (though for summers it’s also an enjoyable thing to try).

credits to Lampochka

In the territory of the city, there are different cold and hot (around 40) mineral drinkable springs. The temperature of the hot springs varies from 56-64 degrees, and it heals different health problems. The elements that the minerals contain are somehow similar to the ones that are in Jeleznovodsk (Russia) and Karlovi Vari (Czech Republic). The picture below presents a specially designed building, with an open access, where everybody can have a mineral water with his/her preferred temperature. Those springs are what Jermuk is most known for, and that is the reason this is considered to be a city-sanatorium, where you can find many hotel-sanatoriums - the modern ones with all the European standards and the old ones inherited from the Soviet times.

There is also a small artificial lake in the city. It’s kind of an evening-to-get-together spot for the people who came on holidays and locals. In the surrounding area of the lake, you will notice the interesting monuments made by several talented artists in 1988. Another known thing in town is the iron bridge called Devil's that passes over the river Arpa connecting the left and the right parts of the city. The view from above is fantastic, and you can see the whole city in its beauty.

credits to ruzanna

Visiting Jermuk will be a nice experience. This city-sanatorium is very hospitable, and the travelers usually like it a lot.

Devil's bridge of Jermuk
Devil's bridge of Jermuk
Jermuk, Armenia
Jermuk waterfall
Jermuk waterfall
Jermuk Waterfall, Jermuk 3701, Armenia

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