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Jotunheimen national park and Norway's biggest mountain

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Jotunheimen is a mountain range down south in Norway. It covers a territory of about 3500 km2. The biggest mountaintop you can find in Norway is located here. That mountain is called Galdhøpiggen and is as tall as 2469m. This mountain doesn't get snow on the top during the summer. The 19 other biggest peaks are found in this area as well. The year 1980 was when this area became a national park of Norway. The title of a national park means there are some rules to follow in regards to human activity and construction. The area is preserved and well looked after. You'll find precious things inside the park and everyone wants this area to stay pristine and clean.

You might be a National park enthusiast. For you, I have Preikestolen, Trolltunga, Hardangervidda, and Innerdalstårnet as well.

Jotunheimen National Park, Norway


Galdhøpigg mountain range
Galdhøpigg mountain range
2686 Lom, Norway

The northern part

In the northern part of Jotunheimen, you'll find Galdhøpiggmassivet. A truly astonishing view 360 degrees around! Wherever you look, you'll find the spectacular views that nature has created for us. The biggest mountain in Norway is located here. The mountains name is Galdhøpiggen. Lots of 2000 meter tops lay after one another up in this area. Around the peaks are hundreds of amazing glaciers and rivers and lakes. The biggest mountain tops of Northern-Europe are established here.

Fun facts:

Tourists are fond of this place. That means the routes and tracks are established well and secure.

A fun activity for you is to go from Oslo centre to Gjende in Jotunheimen on a special route called ''the Jotunheim path''.


Smørstabbtindan, Lom, Norway

These are peaks that are really sharp and suited for trips to the top and then great for skiing down. On these tops, you'll have awesome views over mountains like Sognefjellet and Hurrungane. People go here during summers and winters depending on their preference. Both times are suited for hiking. All of the tops are surrounded by glaciers except for ''Store Smørstabbtind''. You'll have to cross the glaciers to reach the top. That's the price you pay for amazingness.


You need to really want to get to the top to get there. That's what I learned from Rocky 4, and that's what I learned from the tour guide of Glittertind. Glittertindmassivet is the mountain range that creates the northern part of Jotunheimen. Glittertind is also the name of the biggest mountain here at 2454 m, the second biggest mountain in Norway.

Fun fact:

The tops in the west are sharper than the ones in the east. Around 400 million years ago, the rock types were installed. Nature was the installer and gave a long-lasting product.

Norse mythology inspired the name

The name Jotunheimen is built up of ''Jotun'' or ''Jotne'', which are mythical creatures in Norse mythology. ''Jotner'' are often the enemies of the ''Æsene'' creatures and sometimes also their lovers. ''Heimen'' means home in old Norwegian. The name would be translated to ''The home of the Jotun''. Jotunheimen is taken from Norse mythology.


Utladalen, 6884, Norway

A traditional and interesting walk that takes you through Hjelle and Vettisfossen which are waterfalls. You get to see as much as four different waterfalls on your trip through this valley. Utadalen is one of the deepest valleys in Norway and still has so many plants and sights to show you in terms of beauty. To do the whole journey you'll need between 3-4 hours.

Rock types!

For those interested, the most prevalent rock type is Gabbro which is made of iron, plagioclase, dark pyroxene, amphibole, and olivine. Gabbro is a basic rock species and Jotunheimen is filled with it. For the best plant life, you have to go to the north or the east of Jotunheimen. Here, the bedrock is loose and has a lot of limestones. The height record for plants found in Norway is on the biggest mountain Galdhøpiggen. Plant specialists found plants at 2370 meters height!

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