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Julbord in Gothenburg

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With Christmas just around the corner, restaurants all over Sweden serve traditional Swedish Christmas food. If you are in Gothenburg, then these restaurants are worth a visit.

Directly translated as "Christmas Table," the Swedish word "Julbord" has a twofold meaning as it relates to both the practice of eating Christmas food and the practice of eating in a "Christmas buffét."

Being the second biggest city in Sweden, Gothenburg has plenty to offer on the restaurant scene. Here are some places to visit for a Swedish Julbord.

A traditional and luxurious option

Gothia Tower is a landmark in Gothenburg. Located inside the building are luxurious hotels, shops, a theatre, a three-stories big spa with an outside swimming pool, restaurants, and exhibition halls as well of various types of meeting venues.

© Istock/Baiploo
© Istock/Baiploo

The two restaurants, "Imagine" and "Seasons" in Gothia Tower, arrange the Swedish Julbord, serving traditional Swedish Christmas food. The restaurant "Imagine" is located on the third floor, whilst "Seasons" resides on the fifth floor.

Traditional Julbord inspired by the sea

The Inn Långedrags Värdshus is located by the seaside, and the restaurant looks out over the ocean. During December, the ice-covered sea shimmers in white, and the view is rather spectacular. Visit it both for the view and the food.

The food served is traditional Swedish Christmas food with a twist. The focus of the buffét is seafood and fish. Gothenburg is famous for its fishing industry, and plenty of restaurants prepare gourmet fish courses. The Inn Långedrags Värdshus is no exception.

An option for vegans

Swedish Christmas Food is traditionally not a favorite among vegetarians and vegans, as the food served is mostly meat and fish. But in Gothenburg, there is a cozy option for the plant-based eaters: the restaurant "The Green Room," located inside the Liseberg Park. The Christmas buffét includes both cold and warm courses, and the restaurant has a chill atmosphere. Compared to several other restaurants, the Julbord at the Green Room is a budget option as well as vegan-friendly.

A luxurious and distinguished option: the most British castle in Sweden

For a truly unique experience, visit the castle Tjolöholms slott. The castle, today a hotel and restaurant, is located south of Gothenburg. Opened in 1904, the castle was built by the Swedish-British family Dickson and designed by the architect Lars Israel Wahlman. With interior from the luxurious Department Store Liberty in London and a Scottish style church, Tjohölms slott is the most British castle in Sweden.

© Wikipedia/Tjolöholm
© Wikipedia/Tjolöholm

Tjolöholms slott is luxurious, and visitors to the restaurant are in for a treat. The Christmas food served is a mix of traditional Swedish and British delicatessen, as well as local products. Julbordet includes around 60 courses, so make sure to come with an appetite.

Whether you are looking for a unique, luxurious or budget option - Gothenburg has it all! Enjoy your  Julbord!

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