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Julbord - traditional Christmas food in Stockholm

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What is Christmas without Christmas food?  Like most other countries, Sweden’s culinary history includes specific traditional Christmas food. Here are some of the best restaurants to visit in Stockholm for Christmas food.

Swedish Christmas food is a mix of tradition, history, and modern influences. Julbord (directly translated as Christmas table) is the collection of food served at Christmas, which Swedes celebrate on Christmas Eve. But the word is also used as a happening, and you will hear Swedes say phrasings such as ”we are going for a Julbord.” Usually, it is a gathering for friends, families as well as for work events.

What is a Swedish Julbord?


So, what is usually served during Christmas, and where in Stockholm should you go to explore the Swedish culinary Christmas tradition?

The Swedish Julbord is a buffé of cold and warm courses. Often served is meatballs, a great Christmas ham, sausage, fermented herring, paté, Jansons Frestelse (cut potatoes cooked in the oven with cream, cheese, and spices), varieties of cabbage and fish. There is a great regional variety of what is served during Christmas.

Treats such as almond cookies filled with cream and jam, saffron buns, a variety of chocolate, marzipan, oranges, and other Christmas candy are usually served as dessert.

If you are in Stockholm during December, several restaurants are serving traditional Swedish Julbord. The following are some of the most popular ones, so you should make sure to book your table in advance! They are fancy, unique, and serve traditional Christmas food with that extra special experience.

©Istock/Peter Berglund
©Istock/Peter Berglund

The old National Archives

The restaurant in the halls of the old National Archives is sure one of the most splendor places to visit for Christmas food. Located in the old part of Stockholm, the restaurant is situated in a significant historical building. During December, the famous chef Niklas Ekstedt and his team take over the kitchen. At the old National Archives, you will eat traditional Swedish Christmas food cooked by a master chef in a historical and beautiful setting.

The Grand Hôtel

Grand Hôtel is maybe one of the most famous buildings in Stockholm. It is not only a hotel but also an institution known for its long history, its elegant accommodation, and Rutabaga, the vegetarian fine dining restaurant run by the famous chef Mathias Dahlgren.

Grand Hôtel's Julbord is elegant, and the food is traditional. The food is served with a twist, as you will also enjoy a Christmas show with the Swedish Star Måns Zelmelöw. Visit Grand Hôtel for its history, food, and the Christmas Show.

Åkershofs Castle

Or why not dine in a real old-time castle? Åkershofs Castle is situated just outside Stockholm, and the restaurant serves a traditional Julbord. It is a perfect place if you wish to dine in the halls of a real castle.

Food is an important part of a country’s history and culture. So if in Sweden during Christmas, make sure to visit and eat Julbord!

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