Karlsruhe: The City of Science and Culture

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Karlsruhe is the second biggest city in the beautiful Baden-Württemberg region which is also close to the French border. The city is full of amazing museums and gardens and it hosts the two highest courts in Germany: the Federal Constitution Court and the Federal Court of Justice. Karlsruhe is also famous for its research centers and finest institutions of higher education. It's a great city for students and definitely museum lovers :) If you are around the town, here are the activities that you can do in Karlsruhe!

If you visit the city by train, you should first visit the Zoo first because it is located right across the train station. Karlsruhe Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in Germany (it was opened in 1865) that hosts 4.400 animals with 250 species! After waving the most adorable red pandas, you can also check the Zoological Garden.

Another must-see-place in Karlsruhe is the Karlsruhe Palace. This palace was bombed during the World War II and reconstructed like the original. The interior is not very interesting but inside the palace, you can find amazing fine art pieces and antiques. Lots of exhibitions also take place in here. If the weather is fine, you have to check the gardens. The Schlossgarten has palm, cactus, orchid houses and also long walking paths. Oh, and the light shows at nights are awesome.

After a long walk in the Schlossgarten, it's time to do some shopping and eating delicious traditional cuisine in Kaiserstrasse! The city center has lots of cafes, beer gardens, and amazing restaurants. Don't forget to check the stone pyramid marking the grave of the city's founder in the Marktplatz.

For the culture lovers, Karlsruhe's most famous museum, the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) is also institute and documentation center. If you like contemporary art, you should check this museum! If you are into old German, Netherlandish or French paintings, then you should definitely visit Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe.

And if you end up in Karlsruhe at the end of July, you can't miss the Das Fest which is Germany's one of the biggest outdoor rock and music festival!

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