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Kill two birds with one stone:relax and get treatment in Qalaalti Resort

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Can you relax and get treatment at the same time? I can say yes. You can kill two birds with one stone in Qalaalti Resort and Spa. Qalaaltı is a village in the municipality of Mahrif Qala alti in the Siazan Region of Azerbaijan.The meaning of word Qalaalti is "Under the castle or in the village below ".It acquired its name because of the fact that it is located directly under the fortress of Chiraggala. Chiraggala has attracted many travellers to Qalaalti for centuries. There is a natural, therapeutic mineral water in the area, which is used for the treatment of various diseases and for other purposes. Mineral water was found in 1969 in the foothill forest at the top of the village called Qalaalti, 20 km from the Shabran district. The water contains phenol, aliphatic acids and other microelements. Locals call this water "NaftSu" which means "Oily Water". "NaftSu" has a strong smell and taste.

Qalaalti Resort and Spa

Qalaalti Resort, located 700 meters above sea level, is located in the foothills of the Great Caucasus, since 1976. The tourists in sanatorium get treatment with natural mineral water from the Qalaalti village.The treatment effect of any resort is measured by its climatic conditions.Here the mountain air merges with the sea air and creates a climate with low humidity, which makes people feel comfortable. Climate conditions and unique nature of "Qalaalti" resort increase the usefulness of this water.There is a modern "Chirag" medical centre equipped with unique equipment in the Qalaalti Medical-recreation complex.The center includes physiotherapy, electrotherapy, magneto-therapy, hydrotherapy, hydrotherapy rooms. Thanks to modern equipment,more than 350 different types of diagnostic tests can be performed at the centre. All proposed health and regenerative programs serve to improve the overall state of the body and increase the life expectancy.

The complex consists of 152 superior rooms, 15 suites and 3 villas designed in different styles.The hotel's Panorama restaurant, Lavanda, Gala and Vitamin bars offer a great opportunities for guests. They can enjoy both high-level European and Azeri cuisine and live music. The complex of "Qalaalti" is focused on people's health and rest. Even in the restaurant, along with Azerbaijan and European cuisine, a special menu of steamed and boiled products is prepared based on the recommendations of a doctor.SPA services are also provided here. There is also a hamam, sauna, Turkish bath, sauna, massage, and exotic shower rooms in Qalaalti Resort. The hotel has a large modern fitness centre with different sport equipments and a SPA centre with indoor swimming pool. There are all the necessary spa procedures, including revitalization and refreshment, nourishment and moistening of face and body. peeling, physiotherapy, chocolate body mask, massage, hydrotherapy with therapeutic massager and more .The gigantic area of the complex is embedded in greenery: the flowers and grass all around, even the roofs of the villas and the centre of the park.

In Qalaalti Resort you can take one week package which is very affordable.At the end of a magnificent week, you can feel the pleasure which you get after treatment. You will feel the energy of the universe, nature, and everything around you.

Qalaalti Spa Resort
Qalaalti Spa Resort
Qalaalti, Şabran 1700, Azerbaijan

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