A brave person standing on the rock. Photo ©: dziambel
A brave person standing on the rock. Photo ©: dziambel

Kjeragbolten hiking - the stone bridge

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Kjeragbolten is a stone bridge. That means one single stone that can be considered a bridge between the two mountains. This route is well-known because of a stone in a crack between the mountains. It looks spectacular when you see a photo of someone standing on it.

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The rating

Of 488 reviews, it has a full score on Trip Advisor. From all my hikes during my days I would say I had the best time climbing up to Kjeragbolten! And I've been hiking in Macedonia, Greece, Sweden, Spain, Turkey, France, and Denmark (Even though it is very flat!). This one is the highest hike you'll find around Lysefjorden. The Kjerag stone is located 984 meters above the water.

The scenery on the hike is great, the view of the fjord 1000 meter below is amazing, and if you have the guts to go on the boulder you should do it. I find it scary, but have been on it a few times anyway

Photo ©: dziambel

The location

Kjerag, Forsand Municipality, Norway

This is in the south-east of Norway and 16 minutes from Lysebotten if you drive. 3.5 hours from Stavanger and 4 hours from Haugesund. Remember that 'Norwegian nature marveling' has already begun when you enter the country since all the views are super spectacular.

4127 Lysebotn, Norway

Photo ©: OrcaTec

Watch out for the parking fees!

40 Kr/4.2 EUR for 2 hours. 200 Kr/21 EUR for a day. You can maybe avoid this fee if you go a little bit above the parking lot and closer to the track. Another option is to take the bus.

Duration of the trip

This is a day trip and takes 6-7 hours to get up and down again. The route has naturally made a track that makes sure people climb the right way. This is because the difficulty level is the highest in the first part of the track and then it gets easier. You'll see from the very beginning if you can climb the rest of the track or not.

The track structure

You have three parts of the hike which are separated by valleys in-between that show how good nature was with the architecture. In the middle part, the track has a steep part that requires some climbing. Some people take protective climbing gear to walk up. This I think is mostly for kids and you will not feel like you need it because the climb is pretty easy.

Chill spot

Before the Kjeragbolt there is a flat plateau where you can chill and look at world-class nature and stare at the Lysefjorden. One time the famous guy Matt Harding danced on top of the bolt in the show ''Where the hell is Matt?''

Potential reasons why people appreciate the Kjeragbolten

It's like the stone is going to fall at any point. That's thrilling.

The stone looks like it was placed there by humans perfectly between the mountains.

If you do one wrong move, you'll do a very big wrong move.

You have Norwegian nature all around and that's perfect for pictures and your soul.

Other cool things

After this astonishing quest, you can visit the Pulpit's rock (Preikestolen) since it's in the same area!

Other cool things except for excited tourists would be the base jumpers who use the wondrous cliff for their life-threatening hobby!

Preikestolen, Forsand, Norvège
If you enjoyed Prekestolen then you must try Kjerag, but be warned it is a much longer and harder hike

The best time

Go here in the summer months and be ready for a difficult challenge and make sure you're in good shape! They say it's for the experienced hikers and grown-ups. I see a bunch of super excited kids without any fear who are jumping on the rocks in the same way they do during playtime. The kids are around 10-12 years old.


Kjerag Restaurant
Kjerag Restaurant
Fv500, 4127 Lysebotn, Norway

Kjerag restaurant Øygardsstølen is where the hike starts. If you like to use all your money very quickly then please eat here. This place is like the Hard Rock Cafe. A burger is about 18 EUR. A sandwich is the cheapest thing you'll find for around 10 EUR. Bring your own food. Comfortable and warm clothes would also be good.


Various legends have been told about this legendary rock. One was that in 2012, at the doomsday and the end of ancient calendars, the rock would fall to the ground. This did not happen as we can see that the rock is still standing. Maybe it was a spiritual death.

The author

Kai Bonsaksen

Kai Bonsaksen

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