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Krefeld, the city of velvet and silk

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Travel Tips For North Rhine-Westphalia

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In the 17th century, Krefeld opened its arms to Mennonite refugees. These refugees had silk-weaving skills which have brought prosperity to Krefeld! This cute city is located in the North Rhine-Westphalia region, in Germany. You can reach the city from the Düsseldorf Airport and you can use the public transportation to explore it (there are four tramways and several buses ideal to do so!). The founder of Hermès, Thierry Hermès, who was a French businessman was also born in here! No wonder where he got his inspiration from! So, if you are into textiles and have a day off, here is your guide to Krefeld!

Castle Linn

The beautiful water castle is well preserved and dates back to 1200! The Linn castle comes with a bailey, hunting lodge, and tithe barn. There is also a museum inside the castle in which you can check out findings from the days of the Roman rule in the 5th century! Inside this castle, gorgeous concerts are held every year. The impressive park of the castle should also be visited.

Castle Linn
Castle Linn
Rheinbabenstraße 85, 47809 Krefeld, Almanya

The German Textile Museum

Krefeld is known for its silk and velvet which you can admire while in the German textile museum! This museum has over 30,000 textile objects from all over the world, from ancient times to the present. There is also a large library where you can find a huge collection of books and magazines about the history of textiles and clothing. If you are searching for anything related to textile, well, here is your heaven!

Deutsches Textilmuseum
Deutsches Textilmuseum
Andreasmarkt 8, 47809 Krefeld, Almanya

Krefeld Zoo!

The Krefeld zoo accommodates about 1000 animals of 200 different species! Inside this zoo, you can meet Kidogo, the gorilla who gained his worldwide fame with an impressive tightrope walk, Miliki, the silverback, Toni the alpaca, Humboldt penguins and many more! There are lot of thematic buildings, such as the tropical monkey house and the rainforest house. Inside these, you can see elephants and rhinoceroses, tropical birds and big cats (like snow leopards!). If you are visiting Krefeld with your kids, then the zoo is a definitely must visit place.

Krefeld Zoo
Krefeld Zoo
Uerdinger Str. 377, 47800 Krefeld, Allemagne

Plan your visit to Krefeld and get inspired by itinari now!

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