Cover picture credits © Adonis Villanueva
Cover picture credits © Adonis Villanueva

Krujë, the city of Skanderbeg

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In the last years, Kruja is becoming one of the most visited cities in Albania for travellers all over the world. Rich in history, culture, and artisanal work, combined with some of the friendliest locals that you have ever met, Kruja is definitely worth experiencing!

Located just 32 km away from the capital of Tirana, you can reach Kruja by bus if you are on a budget trip, or simply by grabbing a taxi which is also a quite affordable solution!

The history of the city.

The name and the importance of the city are attributed to the national hero of Albania, George Castriot Skanderbeg, who made Kruja a fortress of resistance against the Turkish Ottoman empire for more than 25 years. At that time, he lead one of the strongest and most important periods in the history of Albania. You can find out more information about our national hero at the museum, which is also named after him and located inside the castle walls.

The Kruja Castle

Located at the highest point of Kruja, the castle is one of the major attractions of the city. It was built in the 5th century and it is one of the oldest castles in Albania. This midsize castle played a big role during the resistance against the Ottomans. Besides the "George Castriot Skanderbeg museum", inside the walls of the castle you can also visit an ethnographic museum. In addition, you will find many bars and restaurants that offer diverse dishes, and of course typical and delicious Albanian traditional food.

The traditional market

Near the castle’s entrance, the traditional Kruja market (old bazaar) can be found. While strolling in it, you can buy a variety of handcraft and traditional handmade souvenirs. In fact, It's one of the few tourist places in Albania, where you can find this kind of handcrafts and in such good prizes. So if you looking for some souvenirs for your loved ones, this is the best place to be while in Albania.

The  Kruja traditional market
The Kruja traditional market

If you are here for a daytrip or even for a longer period of time, Kruja offers you a lot to see; a rich culture, a great market, and of course, a beautiful castle.

Grab your backpack and welcome to Kruja.

Kruja Castle
Kruja Castle

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