“Kukushka” – A symbol of Borjomi

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Today, in this article, we will have a very beautiful and interesting journey.

Let’s move to the 19th century, where we will see how the very first and the last “Kukushka” was created. “Kukushka” It is a narrow gauge train that connects Borjomi and Bakuriani.

My little Cuckoo, My little train, The happiness of the whole Borjomi valley…

Everyone knows this lovely song in Georgia, especially children. We can say that any Georgian child sang this popular song about “Kukushka” at least once.

History of Kukushka…

The history of little train begins from the 19th century (1857) when construction of the narrow gauge railway started. Because of the difficult relief, construction continued for 4 years. In total, the railway is 37 km long and 2.5 hours is necessary to cover the whole road.

In 1902, by the special order of Mikheil Romanov, they brought a heritage train (steam train) from England. The train was connected by the wagons that had wooden handrails. The name “Kukushka” comes from Russian language and it is associated with the bird Cuckoo as it is also making the same voices: “Ku-Ku-Ku.”

Until Bakuriani, “Kukushka” has to pass through village Tsemi, that’s why they decided to build a bridge on the river “Tsemistskali.” Romanov ordered the design of the bridge to Gustave Eiffel. They brought the parts of the bridge from France and Georgian constructor Besarion Keburia constructed it. This is the history of “Kukushka.” In 1907 the electric train changed a steam train, which today is the exhibition in the museum.

Kukushka Today…

Recently, “Kukushka” was reconstructed. They kept its first face to be more attractive for the visitors. So there are two trains and each of them includes two wagons. In each wagon can carry up to 23 people. Today Borjomi-Bakuriani railway and a legendary “Kukushka” are in Georgian intangible cultural heritage list.

Nowadays, anybody can travel by this historical train. You can see amazing Borjomi Gorge that is beautiful and attractive at any time of the year. This place is especially beautiful in wintertime, the oldest forest that is covered by the snow. You will feel like you are in the magical forest which you could see only in your dreams. You can check the train schedule online or ask any locals in Borjomi and they will tell you this information with a great pleasure.

So while you are in Borjomi, don’t forget to plan your trip by the historical “Kukushka” and I can guarantee you that you will never forget this wonderful trip. Welcome to the magical Borjomi Gorge!

Borjomi Central Park
Borjomi Central Park
Borjomi Central Park, 50 9 Aprili St, Borjomi 1200, Georgia

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