La Barbagia, the most preserved area in Sardinia

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La Barbagia is a wild and mountainous area of inner Sardinia, a place where traditions and way-of-living seem to have remained untouched for centuries. Many locals do still speak the sardinian language, contrary to other parts of the island where italian got widespread. Best time to travel across La Barbagia is between September and December, a period of festivals and popular happenings.

Archaeology sites and nature

La Barbagia is an area that will delight those fond of tradition, nature, sport activities, or just wilderness. Even in the peak season (meaning July and August), you will feel there totally disconnected from the rest of the world, as travelers usually tend to favour the beaches and towns in coastal areas. Still, this is where the Sardinian soul and heart is, and missing it would be such a pity, believe it.

Orgosolo, its bandits and its Murales

If you had to pick only one spot to visit in la Barbagia, it would undoubtedly be Orgosolo, a small village located in the mountains. It is famous across the island (and beyond) for its "Murales", beautiful wall paintings on stone houses that visitors can discover walking along the streets. There are approximately 150 paintings in total. The very first "Murales" were created by anarchists at the end of the 1960's; other ones appeared later, created by students and artists to celebrate the victory of resistance against Fascism in WW2. Still today, many art works are being created, often politically oriented, and take a strong positioning with regard to world and international affairs and politics.

Murales di Orgosolo
Murales di Orgosolo
08027 Orgosolo, Province of Nuoro, Italy

Beside, since 1961 and Vittorio De Seta's movie 'Banditi a Orgosolo" (Bandits in Orgosolo), the village became associated with banditry and kidnappings. It was a time when people used to defend and protect their land against others, and the state.

The most convenient way to reach Orgosolo is by taking the SuperStrada 389, which you will leave at the level of Mamoiada.

Food in la Barbagia

Local cuisine is very rich, from sheep cheese (the famous Pecorino Sardo) to sweets and desserts (often with honey). You will also find in agriturismi and restaurants the so-called "Pane Carasau", which italian people from the contient name "Carta Musica".

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