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Our inspiring travel stories will soon also become unique experiences, that you can book on itinari and live on-the-spot

With amazing locals!

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like "The newest discovery of Kazakhstan: Pink Lake Kobeituz"

by Nazerke Makanova

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© Nazerke Makhanova
  • Each Live Story is a memorable on-the-spot experience, finely crafted to mimic its sibling itinari story.
  • That you can easily book, in a few clicks, straight from the story you liked.
  • And that you can live exactly as you have been reading it... or can customize to match your needs!

Live your own unique adventure

Mai M. (Germany)

Let's follow my incredible trip to Pink Lake Kobeituz with Alinur.


On our way to the lake, we spot a local farm, where I taste horse milk for the first time. Quite good in fact :-)


Why eat in a restaurant when you can discover the very tasty local Besbarmak with a local family!


Time for my instagram picture of the day... and the perfect lake spot I would never have found on my own


Tour is over. But not my fantastic experience! Let's go for an unplanned drink in THE new trending local bar

Only with certified True Locals

  • Real local inhabitants
  • With strong local knowledge
  • Always Friendly, Fun & Trustful
Alinur Abdullayev
Alinur Abdullayev

The steppes wanderer

Zarina Kapetanović
Zarina Kapetanović

The outdoor adventurer

Amir Yildiz
Amir Yildiz

The smiling explorer

Chimlin Chammalee
Chimlin Chammalee

The local gourmet

Lorenzo Hidalgo
Lorenzo Hidalgo

The Argentinian encyclopedia

... and hundreds of other passionate True Locals, located in major cities and hidden destinations, all around the world.

And bring home unforgettable memories

© Nazerke Makhanova

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