Agriturismo Prisco

Contrada Valle Degli Elci, 84070 San Mauro la Bruca

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Culture, hospitality, territory and feelings. Casa Prisco is where the flavors of the past are warmed by the sun of today, and become precious because we enrich them with our smile. It offers you the opportunity to spend moments in contact with the uncontaminated nature of the Cilento National Park, and is located in a strategic position to reach some of the most extraordinary places in the area: Velia, Padula, Paestum, Palinuro, Marina di Camerota, Monte Cervati, exactly those places with which we have decided to baptize our 6 bedrooms. The kitchen with us is the most intimate moment of reconciliation with our past, the one in which, while preparing the dishes, it comes back to mind when Grandma Clelia made them, and it is not easy to hold back the tears, because in everything , when feelings are involved, one risks crying. The kitchen of the days of celebration, the days when there was an important guest and you had to "force" to make a good impression, putting on the table crocheted embroidered tablecloths in the endless winter hours, the most beautiful glasses with new dishes; the kitchen that the day before was made bread, with olive bundles to light the oven and "u munnulo ri grizzi" to clean the ash and give perfume, kitchen of poor ingredients, but that with humility and so much effort, became unique delicacies . So every dish here speaks for itself because it has its own story to tell you, as everything around us, because it is the story that makes us unique and different from others, it is the story that gives that sense more to all things: touch to the sight, smell to taste. History is the most precious thing we have to offer, the story of every day that has passed that we want to bring you back to life. The story that has already begun between these lines.

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