Algilà Ortigia Charme Hotel

Via Vittorio Veneto 93, 96100 Syracuse, Italy

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ALGILA ORTIGIA CHARME HOTEL rises on the ancient "Mastra Rua", which since the fourteenth century was the seat of the most important noble residences of the city. The refined ancient palace of the hotel was born from the fusion of two buildings and the recent renovation has preserved the original structure, helping to create a very lively distribution of the environments. The restoration has been curated by the architect Manuel Giliberti, who has recovered all the original elements in stone, such as arches and carved keystones, flanking them where it was necessary with new elements created with the same techniques and the same materials used for millennia. various calcareous stones that have had so much influence on the development of the Baroque in this area. Finally, decorations on ancient Sicilian drawings have integrated what the weather had badly damaged, like the wooden ceiling of the room where the restaurant is now, reproduced by the few surviving tables. Sicily is a land where local craftsmen and artists still carry on the traditions of centuries-old workings. Antique furniture and precious colorful majolica, of ancient Sicilian design, fabrics of warm and enveloping colors and maniacal care in concealing technological systems that guarantee a high level of comfort, produce the harmonious atmosphere that will be an important part of your experience of Sicily; the other part will put the Sicilians, with their extraordinary sense of hospitality, their culture, their natural courtesy and kindness, things that we hope will come to see for yourselves, first in the people who animate our hotel with great passion and sacrifice. (0039) .0931465186

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