Rua do Infante D. Henrique, 4050 Porto, Portugal

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According to the organizers, Amplifest is not a festival, but an experience. What started in 2011 has now become a renowned two-day event in Hard Club, Porto, that hosts an defiant, eclectic selection of the best of heavy and dark music, be it rock, metal, hardcore, psychedelic, electronic or jazz, and also organizes thought-provoking film screenings, listening sessions and conversations with journalists and bands, joining artists and audience to reflect on music, its works and its future. Mostly organized without much access to funding by the Amplificasom team, it is a festival that, despite its size, shows incredible care, quality and a profound connection with both the fans and the bands that play there. It is also worth pointing out that, even if it is not a Metal festival, the organization has always chosen bands and musicians that reject misogynist, racist and homophobic postures that are often associated with the genre. Amplifest aims at providing great, dark live music in a warm, welcoming atmosphere, and always leaving you awe-struck.

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