Basilica of Santa Eufemia - Grado

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The Basilica of Santa Eufemia was built as the cathedral of the patriarchate of Aquileia and was consecrated in 579 AD by the patriarch Elijah. This Early Christian church’s most prominent and precious features are the harmonious colonnade and the elegant geometric patterns of the floor mosaics. Another notable element is the original Romanesque ambon topped with a small dome in Moorish style. An imposing 42-m bell tower stands beside the Basilica; on its top is a wind vane in the shape of the Archangel St Michael, a gift from Venice, which in Grado is known as l’Anzolo. The octagonal Baptistery, dating back to the late 6th century AD, is located beside the Basilica of Santa Eufemia and houses an hexagonal baptismal font.

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