Bat Islands (Islas Murciélagos), Costa Rica

Islas Murciélagos, Costa Rica

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The Islas Murciélagos or Bat Islands are probably one of the most naturally invigorating spots for seasoned divers in the country. The Bat Islands are considered one of the premiere dive locations in Costa Rica. There are huge schools of various species of fish. A huge attraction to the Bat Islands is the Pacific Giant Mantas. These mantas are the largest species of mantas found in the world. The mantas are seen in the company of their tinier relatives that come in large numbers. The much smaller devil rays can also be spotted in huge numbers navigating through the water after having their fill of the plankton. One of the biggest thrills here are the up close and personal encounters with large bull-shark, which are rarely seen anywhere else. The best time to visit Bat Islands is from May to end of September. It’s an hour boat ride to reach the island. © Flickr/ UriKuri Art

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