Berheider Lake

Lichterfeld, 03238 Lichterfeld-Schacksdorf, Deutschland

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The Bergheider See, south of Finsterwalde near Lichterfeld in the county of Elbe-Elster in Germany, is a flooded pit from the former open cast mine of Klettwitz-Nord, northeast of the Lower Lusatian Heath. The lake was named after the old village of Bergheide, which had to be abandoned for the brown coal pit. The flooding of the pit, under the direction of the LMBV mining company, began in September 2001 and ended in May 2014. The lake is part of the Lusatian Lake District, but is isolated from the Lusatian Lake Chain as it is 20 km (12 mi) away from the waterways linking the other lakes. The Bergheider See has a surface area of about 320 ha (3.2 km2; 1.2 sq mi). On the Lichterfeld shore (north shore) are bathing facilities. Picture © Credits to Wikipedia/A.Savin

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