Brajcino village

Brajchino, Macedonia (FYROM)

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Brajčino (Macedonian: Брајчино, [ˈbrajtʃinɔ]) is a village in the Resen Municipality of the Republic of Macedonia, situated 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) from Lake Prespa, on Baba Mountain in Pelister National Park. The village is also located near the border with Greece. Brajčino's nature and old architecture draws both domestic and foreign tourists. Brajčino has two known archaeological sites, both dating from the Middle Ages. One of the sites, called St Athanasius, was a church and contained a graveyard. The other, known as Kula, consists of remains of a fortress. In 1873, the village, called Raitchino at the time, was recorded as having 34 households and 92 male Bulgarian residents.In the early 20th century, the village had 480 Bulgarians Exarchists. During the Ilinden Uprising of 1903, Brajčino was looted and 77 of its houses were burnt down. Photo by ©Ehrlich91 /Wikimedia

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