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The foundation is the state where Yunus Emre has found the body of loving, compassion, chastity expressed by saying "because of" Creator loves the Creator ".      The Prophet Muhammad of Islam is the forerunner of understanding which is called to be called civilization as a foundation civilization. You can never reach goodness unless you spend it in the way of Allah from the things you love. Whatever you spend, Allah knows it. (Surat al-Imran, 2/92) "When you die, your relationship with the world is cut off except for three things. However, these three things, therefore, are constantly written in the deeds book. These; sadaka-i concubine (school, hospital, mosque, road, etc.), a knowledge and a work that is benefited from it, and a righteous son who prayed to him. It is said in this hadith-i sheriff that the importance of providing collecting useful information, establishing a foundation which is a constant charity, and raising good sons to pray for the death of man after his death and life in the hearts.

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