Carnival in Kozani, the “fanoi” tradition

Kozani 501 00, Greece

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How could this carnival be characterized simply; people setting a wood fire in each neighborhood while dancing around it, eating and drinking tsipouro (local/greek drink) or wine. "Fanoi" is a quite unique and rare tradition.. It demands a lot of preparation and planning! People gather together these days, to forget about their differences and to have loads of fun! If you attend the "Fanoi" in Kozani, it's recommended that you participate , otherwise it will go wasted and you'll probably leave wasted too! You have to experience it like a local, to drink a lot and to immerse into the tradition! Try the local wine and don't be afraid to become one with the circle formed around the fire! Every day a different "Fanos" is lighted up in each neighborhood, of course under the sounds of Trumpets and of course, till the early morning comes. The last night of the Great Carnival is the most sacred one. The majority of people participate in the great parade, and all the "Fanoi" of the city are being lighten up at the same time! PS. Usually the songs featured during this special tradition include sexual inuendos and content, described as an everyday story! Do not get ashamed, sing along, don't think about it and remember... that's how we do it! Cheers!

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