Casa Museo Capitán Antonio Ricaurte

Cl. 15 ##8 -17, Villa de Leyva, Boyacá, Colombia
+57 318 6618807

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This Museum located in Villa de Leyva, Boyacá, was occasionally used by the Ricaurte family as a summer resort because it was close to Santa Fé de Bogotá. There, Captain Antonio Ricaurte was born on June 10, 1786. After his children grew up, the family left the house and moved to the Capital of the Viceroyalty, leaving the house abandoned until 1910 when the National Government in honor of the martyrdom of the combat of San Mateo took possession of it and used it as the headquarters of the Antonio Ricaurte Agrarian School, which operated until the middle of the 20th century when the academic institution was closed. ©

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