Corvus Vineyard

Bozcaada, 17680 Bozcaada/Çanakkale, Türkiye

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orvus is a young name in Turkey's fast-developing world of wine. Architect Resit Soley had a dream, and he planted it on the barren lands of Bozcaada. Corvus Vineyard was founded on August 2002, and its seedlings came into leaf in 2003. Throughout his busy life as an architect, Resit Soley had put his heart into his work, approaching it with meticulous care. He applied the same dedication during the plantation of Corvus Vineyard and the subsequent operations during its development. He prepared each seedling with his own hands. He was on the land through all stages of its development. Producing wine in Bozcaada, a windy, thyme-scented, small and uncultivated Aegean island that is full of bright, virgin beaches is a step beyond commerce: it was the first step in a mission to reach a goal. The Corvus Wine Factory was acquired in early 2004, and it was subsequently equipped with the latest technology in a record time of 4 months. The vineyard's first harvest was also obtained in 2004. And, even though still young, the earliest products have become amazing and delightful wines. The Latin word Corvus means crow. The inspiration for the selection of this name came from the crows of Bozcaada. The founder Resit Soley has been connected with the island for quite a long time. He saw that Bozcaada was losing its ancient wine culture, and in order to reverse the trend, he started this business. Through his 25-year design experience, he blended tradition and technology, and breathed new life into the island’s wine culture. Picture © Credits to

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