Cultural center "Grigor Prlicev" in Ohrid

Boulevard Macedonian Educators, Ohrid 6000, Macedonia (FYROM)

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This building is a cultural center in Ohrid designed by the famous Macedonian architect Zivko Poposki (He is the author of the GTC building in Skopje). It is built in 1959. The object is located near to the main square and with the main facade that is made of an orange brick faced to the lake. The side facades, that are serving as an entrance to the City library and to the Ohrid Summer festival manifestation offices is white, clean of elements that are open toward a green yard that is a common park at the same time. The East facade, sometimes during summers is used as an open summer cinema since it’s plane with no openings and the big wall is transforming into a screen. This cultural center is a place where two scenes are taking place- one big- the main one, and a smaller one- the service one. The Ohrid theatre group, that is successfully active the last decades is situated here and it’s a real treat to visit this place from time to time. Exhibitions of local artists, workshops for arts are held in this object. The value of the building is not just on an architectural monument level. It also gives the opportunity for the art life to stay alive in Ohrid.

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