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Facebook Disclaimer: The GDR was more than a dictatorship or an art product of ideology and power it was the life of millions of people. They grew up in this country, passed through educational institutions, served in the "armed organs," worked, established families, built their homes, and raised children. No life was like the other and yet there were certain, life-shaping and freedom-limiting structures with which most of the GDR citizens had to come to terms. These structures and life in the GDR with all its facets are shown and explained by the DDR Museum in its 1,000 square meter permanent exhibition. Making history easy to understand and experience is also the goal of our online activities. In addition to Facebook we do that in detail in the blog at http://www.ddrmuseum.de/de/blog and other social networks. Our Facebook appearance should point to current topics, give short impulses and encourage discussion. Everyone is invited to participate in a lively exchange. However, this requires that you stick to some rules of togetherness: 1. Freedom of expression is one of the highest goods for us: we do not extinguish any Comments, if we do not like the opinion represented there. Also factually wrong, provocative and exaggerated opinions fall under the freedom of expression and can to Contribute to discussion. We do not delete them, but we hope that they will contradict you. However, as soon as it concerns a personal provocation, we reserve the right to delete these in individual cases 2. Respect for the interlocutor and the respectful treatment (especially with victims) is the basis of all communication for us. We recommend that all users read the rules and abide by the communication on our platform: ● Treat others the way you want them to be. ● Of course, you can express your own opinion. But stay objective and respectful. ● Respect the right of others to express their own opinion that is different from yours. ● Comments and contributions that do not represent insults, harassment, reprisals, threats, attacks or other violations of the legal rights of third parties (eg privacy rights or the right to privacy) are not permitted. ● Defamatory, offensive, obscene, vulgar, violent, illegal content and related links are not permitted. ● Please do not post any personal information, such as Customer numbers, etc. This also applies to confidential content such as credentials or passwords. In the case of violations of forum rules or the mocking of fatalities, we will delete comments and, in the event of recurrence, also exclude users. We point to deleted posts in the comments and inform the authors of the deleted post about it. As a rule, nobody is immediately blocked, but we reserve the right to permanently block these users in the event of repeated violation. 3. It's our Facebook page and therefore the editorial selection of topics has to be with us too. Therefore, please share your opinion on the issues raised with comments rather than your own contributions. If you want to bring a new topic on the agenda, please write us a message. We are open to your suggestions! 4. We are happy about cooperations and mutual references. Therefore, you can refer to our Facebook page on your own pages or projects. But please discuss this with us beforehand, because with excessive, unspoken advertising (spam!) These notes are deleted. Just write us a message! 5. We dissociate ourselves hereby expressly from all contents of all linked page addresses on our Facebook page and do not adopt these contents. Furthermore, we dissociate ourselves from comments and contributions that are published on us on other Facebook pages or posted by other users as links in posts or comments on our Facebook page. If you find any violations of the above rules that we may have missed, please let us know by sending a message to our site. Also we are only humans so you can talk to us! You can also find us on: Twitter - www.twitter.com/ddrmuseum Pinterest - www.pinterest.com/ddrmuseum Google+ - www.ddr-museum.de/gplus Instagram - www.instagram.com/ddrmuseum tumblr. - http://ddrmuseum.tumblr.com/ Klout - http://klout.com/ddrmuseum Our employees post with the following abbreviations: / ek - Esra Kurtoglu, Apprentice Visitor Support / es - Elke Sieber - Research Associate / jh - Janine Henschel, Head of Visitor Care / jk - Jörn Kleinhardt, head of the collection / ma - Melanie Alperstaedt, spokeswoman / nk - Nina Krasemann, Volunteer Collection / mg - Michael Geithner, social media manager / mk - Martin Klötzke, Sales Manager / gvg - Gordon Freiherr von Godin, Director / sm - Sören Marotz, exhibition manager / sw - Stefan Wolle, Scientific Director / rh - Rebecca Hall, intern collection / ll - Lisa Laubner - intern press and public relations

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