Bogatir Russische Supermarkt, Hoogstraat 44a, 3011 PS Rotterdam, Hollanda
+31 10 840 0094

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Dumbo is a street chic restaurant with delicious food without a heartbeat. Rebellious, original, cheerful, mother and artistic. Dumbo jumps into the Herbert hole that has emerged in recent years in the field of vegan food and drink in Rotterdam. The name Dumbo is named after the former industrial area in New York, which artists have turned into one of the city's hotspots. The restaurant is also inspired by the story of the magical elephant Dumbo. Because of its special character, it is still the star of the circus. The eccentric look of the interior, the tasteful plant based dishes and this in combination with special cocktails. Nothing is standard! Come and fly with us. Live a little Picture © Credits to http://dumbo.restaurant/

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