ЕТЪР - Етнографски музей на открито / ETAR - Ethnographic Open Air Museum

Gen. Derozhinski №144, 5309 Gabrovo, Bulgaria

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Ethnographic open-air museum ETAR is the only one of its kind museum in Bulgaria. It was opened on September 7, 1964. The museum is located 8 km. south of the town of Gabrovo. The idea for the creation of ETAR is attributed to Lazar Donkov. "In the current museum exposures, the viewer could not be placed in close contact with the past, and it was all the reason, Donkov said, to have the idea of ​​creating an open-air museum in existence ... in order for the past to become visible, easy to perceive and understand, to be able to preserve this enormous national wealth. " There are 50 objects in the museum - technical facilities of water, houses with craft workshops, objects of public importance. The purpose of the museum exhibition is to reveal the architecture, the household and the economic past of Gabrovo and the Gabrovo region during the Renaissance - the second half of the 18th and 19th centuries. This is the time when the city is developing over 26 crafts whose products find a market in Bucharest , Vienna, Marseilles, Anatolia. In 1835 the first secular new Bulgarian school was opened here. The favorable economic and political changes that occurred in the empire in the 1930s contributed to the rise of Gabrovo as a major economic, spiritual and educational center. The construction of the museum is realized through three basic methods: restoration of objects, welded to the terrain; transfer of original equipment and reproduction of buildings on pre-made photographs (copies of originals).

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