Festival Vilar de Mouros

4910 Vilar de Mouros, Portugal

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The Vilar de Mouros festival is the oldest portuguese music festival, which had its first edition in 1965. It had some resemblance to traditional folk events with added popular groups and singers of the day. Having gained popularity over the years, the organizers decided to expand for the 1971 edition. That year turned out as a success and an important mark in portuguese music and culture of the 60's generation, celebrating peace, love and freedom. It became known as the 'portuguese Woodstock', gathering over 30000 people, and since then 1971 is considered to be the real birthyear of the Vilar de Mouros festival. Throughout its history, the festival has always presented a varied linup of music styles, from local Traditional Music and Fado, to Pop and Rock, both from portuguese and international musicians. The area has an amazing atmosphere because of its green, lush environment, the Coura river and just the charm of the Vilar de Mouros Town. There is a dedicated camping park and campervans can park in aswell.

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