Fırtına Deresi

Fırtına Deresi, Rize, Türkiye

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The Fırtına Deresi is a river in the Black Sea, the northern Turkish province of Rize. The Fırtına Deresi originates from the settlement of Yaylaköy on the northern slope of the Eastern Pontic Mountains west of the Kaçkar Dağı at the confluence of several mountain streams. The river initially flows a short distance west, then turns north and maintains its course to its mouth. It passes Çamlıhemşin and finally flows into the Black Sea on the western outskirts of Ardeşen. The river has a length of 68 km. There are more than 20 well-preserved stone bridges from the Ottoman era at Fırtına Deresi and its tributaries. The Fırtına Deresi is a well-known white water river offering rafting and kayaking trips on a 23 km stretch. The difficulty is between III and V. The water system of the Fırtına Deresi is considered the most important spawning ground of the Black Sea trout in Turkey.

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