Galerie De Pieter

Breestraat 46, 2311CS Leiden, Netherlands

Phone: +31 71 514 0784


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The Pieter was founded in August 2009 by a collective of artists, 'Pieters'. The Pieter was then located in a beautiful 19th century shop in the Lokhorststraat, near the Pieterskerk. Alderman Jan-Jaap de Haan performed the opening of the first exhibition. Since then we have organized many exhibitions and invited other artists to do so. A wide circle of 'Gastpieters' has emerged. As of April 2010 we moved to the former post office on the Breestraat. We have worked hard with the renovation of the property. The Pieter is Leiden's largest gallery. The room consists of a spacious hall with large windows and ten more intimate rooms and rooms. The Pieter focuses mainly on Leiden artists, but we do not want to limit ourselves to that. We strive for variety in the exhibitions and always want to surprise the visitor. Address: The former Post Office Breestraat 46 2311 CS Leiden

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