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As a rare continental hub, Osijek can be reckoned with the theatrical tradition that it has begun since 1735, when the first Latin theater performance was recorded in the Jesuit Gymnasium. Nevertheless, a truly systematic and organized theatrical life begins on December 7, 1907, with the celebration of the beginning of the Croatian National Theater's work, in a building built in 1866 for a traveling theater company. In the spring of 1907, a "Society for the Establishment of a Permanent Croatian Theater" was established with Radoslav Bačić, led by numerous urban politicians and influential individuals including Pinterovic, Neumann, Isakovic, Kraus and Keiser. The Society succeeds in attracting theatrical expert Nikol Andrić, who eventually comes to Osijek and becomes the first intendant of the Croatian Theater in Osijek, and is lying in the painstaking task of gathering the ensemble. The ensemble has been spending some time in Varaždin and Karlovac, and only in late 1907 he returned to Osijek, where on 7 December of the same year he performed a program marking the start of his work. The program consisted of a collage of the commemoration: an upriver from Gundulić's Dubravka, the glory of the revivals of Milan Ogrizovic, and the first act of Smetanine Prodana bride.

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