Ismael Hotel

Ismael valdes vergara 312, 8320089 Santiago, Chile
+56 2 2616 7600

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Call it Ismael Hotel. Several years ago, no matter how many, the city of Santiago, with little offer in designer hotels and nothing in particular to offer to the restless global nomad, dedicated itself to raising a new crop of contemporary boutique hotels. Among the first fruits of this nascent construction impulse is the Ismael Hotel, an innovative nine-story boutique hotel imagined in a pleasant modern-minimalist style and located right next to the Forest Park in the historic center of the city. Bathrooms with semitransparent glass walls, flat screen TVs, high wall windows; It is clear that the owners of the Ismael Hotel have paid attention to the design trends that characterize the world of boutique hotels. This form of clean lines has quickly become the global standard, making thousands of flowered bedspreads obsolete. Here, if you are lucky, you will enjoy the view towards the park from a private balcony; if not, it is easy to settle for the sober aesthetics of the contemporary design of your room. Do not expect extravagance of five stars: the Ismael Hotel is little more than an urban mansion. However, in this neighborhood that is more than enough. You will be surrounded by restaurants, quaint old streets, and last but not least, you will enjoy the proximity to the park with its selection of museums. Everything perfectly located to spend a Saturday afternoon dream.

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